The foundation of my work is Gestalt therapy – a humanistic-existential approach, however I combine various therapeutic methods for the best outcome for you – NVC, body work, bioenergetics, mindfulness, film, dance and music. My works has been strongly influenced by: Irvin Yalom, Esther Perel, Marshall Rosenberg, Bene Brown, Bogdan de Barbaro, Sarah Marshank, Antoni Kępiński, Leonard Cohen, as well as my family, friends and clients.

I understand psychological help as a process of expanding awareness (attitudes, beliefs, needs, thoughts and feelings) within a secure and confidential therapeutic relationship. My goal in therapy is not to „fix” you, but rather to bring new qualities into your life that allow for beneficial and long-lasting changes. I believe that people are born with internal resources to solve problems, face challenges and have a satisfying life. However, as a result of difficult experiences and traumas experienced, access to our inner wisdom, creativity and strength is blocked. Therapeutic sessions give you the opportunity to look at how past experiences affect your daily choices, how they shape your relationships with others, and perceive what happens to you. The moment when we discover the key to certain, often habitual beliefs, emotions or behaviors, often turns out to be a turning point. With the new awareness we can make  different choices and move towards a richer, fuller and more satisfying life.

I supervise my work. I improve my professional skills by participating in numerous trainings, trainings and workshops.