It is possible that you experience difficulties in personal relationships or at work, you would like to change your interactions with others, forgive or set reasonable boundaries. Perhaps a sudden change or loss in your life has caused everything you have known to stop making sense. Or maybe you don’t know exactly what is going on, you just feel something is not quite right. Regardless of what area of ​​life you need support with, I offer a space for an empathic conversation, reflection and careful exploration, where together we will look at how you understand and experience your difficulties and look for ways to overcome or minimize their impact on your life.

My name is Katarzyna Zając, I am a therapist and Gestalt counsellor. I trained both in Poland and United Kingdom. I created the Relational Space  to support you in making changes you are hoping for. The experience gained as a client and practitioner has proven that by understanding and honouring the past, we can change our present and find hope for a calmer future.

If you feel that I can be the person you would like to work with, please contact me to set up the initial consultation or further details.